Brewers Insight - Packaging BOM

Jul 30th, 2023400 Hours


Over the last year, I have actively participated in the development of Brewer's Insight (BI). BI gives brewers and owners insight into their operations by digitizing, streamlining and communicating their tasks and data points, so you and your team can spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time doing what you love; making great beer.

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Tech Used

Brewer's Insight is a browser application developed using Angular and ASP.NET Core.

Digital OceanDigital Ocean
Azure Active DirectoryAzure Active Directory
.NET Core.NET Core
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The greatest challenges I have faced while working on BI has been the development of their latest feature Packaging Bill of Materials (BOM) and Finished Goods. As a full-stack developer, I worked on phasing out BI's previous packaging functionality into a more feature rich packaging BOM system. This feature allows brewers to organize packaging materials into sets speeding up the user's packaging routine. These are later turned into Finished Goods that can be consumed out of BI as finished products.